Cooperation between Sika and Centroplan

Together with Sika Services AG, Centroplan has developed a flat-roof mounting system which is sold exclusively through Centroplan: the Sika SolarMount-1 ( SSM1).

The system is an essential component of a solar roof concept in which all roof and PV components are compatibly coordinated with one another.

This aerodynamic and light system is designed specifically for the installation of PV systems on flat roofs which are sealed with a Sika Sarnafil roofing membrane. It offers Sika customers the option to compatibly install their system on Sika roofing membranes and receive Sika material guarantees for both renovations and new buildings.

The system is characterized by its ease of installation and minimal roof load. The installation of the system is handled by Centroplan according to Sika installation guidelines.

SSM1 has officially been on the market since October 2012 and has already been used successfully in several projects. With Sika, Centroplan was able to gain a partner that will also enable its customers to access an “all-inclusive” package in the future.

First-rate expertise for the design of solar energy systems on large roof surfaces and open spaces

The extensive flat and pitched roofs of supermarkets, sports centers and industrial buildings offer huge potential for photovoltaics – a potential that lies untapped because the assembly of these roofs is usually associated with complex structural and technical issues. We also face challenges when installing megawatt systems on large open spaces.

Ready to use from one single source

Centroplan offers the complete system as a ready to use unit. In addition to the various planning and implementation services, this includes the renovation and new construction of roofs.