Centroplan: Your partner for the successful implementation of profitable solar projects on roofs and buildings

You want to use a photovoltaic system to produce solar energy effectively? CENTROPLAN is the ideal partner for your project because we take on all tasks that are associated with the implementation of PV projects. We offer all of the services that are required for the design, construction and maintenance of a PV system.

We support you throughout the entire service life of your PV system!

Talk to us about your project

Our specialists are here for you throughout all phases of your project!

If you already have a PV system, talk to our engineers. They can carry out an intensive conditioning check of your system in order to optimize and preserve longterm profitability. In doing so, we draw from experience with the 600 systems – of which seven are 150 MW – that Centroplan is currently managing the operational tasks of.

Together with the Fraunhofer Institute, we have developed concepts for optimizing profitability, system checks and system planning.